More FAQs for Lost Paw

More FAQs for Lost Paw
NFC Lost Paw is a microchip attachable to your dog’s collar. The Lost Paw tag is robust and simple, and waterproof and tough enough to endure any harsh activity from your pet. I’m sure your animal friend loves to play. Here are the commonly asked questions about NFC for Lost Paw. If you don’t find the right answer to your query here, kindly email us!

What’s an NFC pet tag?

An NFC pet tag is a non-intrusive and safe microchip tag for your pup or kitty cat. Each microchip is securely encrypted and customized to the customer’s liking and requirements. A unique serial number programmed into the chip helps you identify your pet. 

How does it work?

Lost Paw’s NFC pet tags are completely waterproof. The tag which is fitted with a microchip is attached to your pet’s collar. Hopefully, it should never happen, but in case your pet gets lost, anyone with an NFC-enabled phone can scan the pet tag and send a personalized SMS text which can help you recover your beloved pet. 

Why Lost Paw?

Anything that can solve a problem is worth trying. Lost Paw aims to address what is missing in a conventional tag. So, why choose Lost Paw?
i) It’s non-intrusive
Conventional microchips of pets require a specialist to inject them while in a glass into your dog or cat’s body. For Lost Paw, it is attached to the collar, no needles, injections, or implants involved. Simple!
ii) Secure
Lost Paw comes as a tag with a secure chip. All information written on that chip can be deleted or added. Once set, it cannot be altered unless you send an email to us verifying your identity.
iii) Visible & Convenient
When it comes to conventional microchipping, no one can tell whether your pet is microchipped, and it’s inconvenient for someone to take your lost pet to a specialized reader to access and read the chip to find the owner. Lost Paws on the other hand, comes in black, orange or any other easily noticeable color and it stands out on the collar. The Lost Paw logo also indicates that someone’s phone can retrieve the details of the pet owner and help reunite them. 
iv) Confidential
The owner of the pet’s details are stored in the tag to facilitate recovery. The information is securely encrypted in the microchip and remains private and confidential only to be accessed when required. 
v) Readily available technology
To read a conventional microchip, one requires a specialized reader, and not many people can do it or have the tool, thus minimizing your recovery chances. Lost Paw USA, and everybody has an NFC-enabled phone which can read tags. Lost Paws uses that readily available technology, and that’s a big break for a pet owner.
vi) Affordable
Lost Paw is not only better but cheaper than conventional microchipping. Besides, it saves time and the hassle of going to the vets to get your pet microchipped. 

Is Lost Paws taking over from microchip implants?

Maybe, maybe not, but that’s not Lost Paw’s agenda. It can be scanned with a smartphone while microchip implants require a specialized reader, but it can complement an implant if it's already there. The microchip number can be stored in the Lost Paws and any other relevant information in order to help recover your pet. But since both can be used single-handedly, it’s up to you to make up your mind. Lost Paw USA or conventional microchipping?

What Can Lost Paw tags store?

The tag contains a customized text message that can be sent to your device in the form of a URL. 

Which devices support Lost Paws NFC pet tag?

Lost Paws adheres to ISO protocol and encoding standards. Any NFC-enabled device can scan Lost Paw. Visit NFC’s website to check whether your device is listed there. 

Is it necessary to install an App for the tag to work?

It depends on the device you are using. If you are using iPhone 7 through 10 you must install Tag and Tap to be able to scan tags. You can find the iPhone app here: All NFC enabled Android devices can read tags natively, and so are all iPhones from 7 and those running on iOS 13 and above. If you have and android that does not have NFC already on it, you can download the Android app “Tag and Tap” to be able to scan tags from the Google Play Store. You can find it here: 

Why is my iPhone not scanning Lost Paws PET Tag?

If you are using iPhone 6 and 6+, they are NFC enabled, but the feature only makes payments through Apple Pay. You have to download and install Tag and Tap from the Apple Store to be able to read tags. Other iPhones from iPhone XR and above can scan PET

Does it mean I may not recover my pet?

No, never worry about that. The primary purpose of the Lost Paw is helping your pet come back home safe and sound, and it doesn’t matter what phone the owner uses. Most people have the latest iPhones and Android devices, and they can read tags. Android phones control over 50 percent of the smartphone market. That means any person of goodwill can contact you via Lost Paws, even if you use a conventional mobile phone. 

How do I turn NFC on?

Generally, its “menu> settings> more settings> NFC.” You will push the toggled to turn on NFC. However, it may vary with the model or brand. Google compiled a comprehensive instruction list, and you can also contact your smartphone manufacturer through their respective social media pages for assistance. You can also contact us!

How do I tell whether Lost Paw’s Pet tag is working?

Once you scan the tag with your smartphone, an URL will pop up on your screen either of your pet’s profile if you purchased directly from us or of the registration for your Lost Paws tag.

Can a QR Code Reader read Lost Paw’s Pet tag?

Don’t even bother trying it. Your QR code App can’t read NFC pet tags. It can only be read by an NFC-enabled device, and no app is needed to read Lost Paws tags. Devices with NFC do that natively. 

Can the tags work overseas?

Sure! Lost Paw tags are supported by the standard GSM and CDMA technology. Provided there is a cell phone coverage in the area, Lost Paws will work. 

Is the tag GPS-enabled?

Not really, but we will have that option coming soon. Reach out to us via email to sort you out ASAP! We do however have Geo-location alerts. Find out more here.

What are the differences between Lost Paw and injected microchip?

There are three major differences between these pet recovery solutions.
  1. You require a specialized reader to read a conventional microchip, while for Lost Paw pet tags, all that you need is a smartphone.
  2. Injected microchips are invisible, meaning you won’t know whether the pet is chipped, but the Lost Paw tag is attached to the collar and can be seen with the naked eye. 
  3. You get to decide what will be stored in a Lost Paw tag. You can’t do the same for injected microchips

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