How much does it cost?

Lost Paw USA offers products from our site as well as many trusted distributors nationwide at affordable pricing. Jeffers Pet Supply in Dothan, Al is our distributor right now. You may purchase Pet Hang Tags and Pet Parent Keychains from them. Check them out here: https://www.jefferspet.com

Why should I use Lost Paw USA compared to other tags and micro-chip implants?

Other engravable tags and pet hang tags on the market today do not allow you to change the information on the tag. With Lost Paw USA, we allow users to update their information. Along with that, we also are different from micro-chip implants by being less invasive as well as allowing the everyday public to be able to read the information housed on your dog’s tag. Only vets and animal shelters can readily read the information on micro-chips. You put as much or as little information to contact you as you want on the tag.

Does Lost Paw USA work outside of the United States?

At the moment, no. We are currently developing a program to branch out internationally but currently we only work within the United States.

How secure is my data?

With the latest encryption software we ensure you that your data is safe and secure. Privacy and security are very important to us and we would never jeopardize your information. We do share specific information that you allow us to share that is hosted on our servers and is housed in the hang tags, collars, and other products. To learn more about our privacy policy click on it at the bottom of the page.

What's the Geo Location Notification feature?

We have developed a passive feature that only works if the tag of your pet is scanned. When the tag is scanned, the person who found your pet will be asked to share their location. If they choose to share their location, you will receive a notification that your pet was found as well as the time and location their collar or tag was tapped. If the person wishes to keep their location a secret we will still send you a notification that your pet was found by someone.

Do I need a smart phone to use Lost Paw USA?

While it is not necessary for you as the owner to own a smartphone, it is very vital to the technology used in our products. Smart phones have NFC built into their capabilities; therefore, eliminating those who may have flip phones or no phone at all. Because this technology is dependent on smart phones, we do believe it’s best that you have one handy to read your pet’s tag as well as any wandering pets in your neighborhood who may have a Lost Paw USA tag on them as well. We want to create a community of Lost Paw USA members so that everyone can help one another out when their pets go missing.

What if the finder doesn't have a smartphone or doesn’t know about NFC technology?

No Problem. Simply go to my.lostpawusa.com found a pet and type in the serial number of the pet. If the person who finds your pet does not have a smart phone or doesn’t know what NFC is, we hope that by creating a grassroots effort to spread the news of our technology that they with have either heard about it or are curious enough to look up “Lost Paw USA” and find out more info. To help owners connect better, we have a section for Lost & Found pets that people can see. We also ask if anyone has found a pet and instruct them on exactly what they need to do. If all else fails, when your pet is taken to a shelter, we will have instructed shelters to identify and obtain who the owner is and how they should the situation.

Didn't find what you were looking for?

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