The Lost Paw USA app is Fast, Simple and Reliable NFC Reader for iPhone 7 and 8

We created this app so that users of iPhones that did not have NFC reader capability already in the phone could use our products as if they did, If you have an Android or a new iPhone NFC reading is native. For Android users, to make sure your NFC settings are set up correctly to read NFC tags, go to your settings and search for "NFC". You should see a toggle button or something that allows you to turn your NFC settings "On". Once this is completed you simply hold the NFC tag from Lost Paw USA near the center of your phone or near the top and whatever has been placed on the tag will pop up on your phone via your web browser. Occasionally some users report they are required to allow the NFC tag to be read by their phones, this is normal in order to read the tag you must select "Yes" or "Ok". For iPhone 7- iPhone 8 users, download our Lost Paw USA app to start reading tags!

Lost Paw USA App allows iPhone users who previously did not have the capability to connect via NFC with digital content. This digital content is housed in NFC chips that are inside products.

A simple tapping of the NFC product is all that is needed for the Lost Paw USA App to read the digital message.