Lost Paw PVC Slip on Tags

Lost Paw PVC Slip on Tags

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Do you have your own pet collar and do not want hanging tags? We offer an affordable solution for your pet. Our NFC PVC slip-on tags allow you to use your own collar. These simple slip on to your current collar and can be scanned like all lost paw pet products. These are made for dog collars without buckles. Please check before ordering.
Our NFC enabled PVC Slip-On features include:

  • Automatic notifications when the tag is scanned
  • Report missing pet
  • Online Pet Parent Profile
  • Geo-Location Alerts
  • NFC for secure scanning
  • Broadcast messages
  • No App required*
  • Subscriptions available for updates to pet parent profiles
  • Facebook Page & Group will showcase your pet if lost
  • Many have asked if our technology is waterproof. Yes, our NFC tags can be sunk in seawater for 2 weeks and still work!

Return policy on NFC products: we do allow you to return your item with no questions asked for damages to the NFC tag itself. Any NFC tag malfunction and we will replace your product for FREE.

*Our NFC pet collars do not require you to have an application in order to purchase and sign up. The technology itself is so new though that some phones are lacking NFC abilities that our tags use, so we built an app for both Android and iPhones called Lost Paw USA  app that allows users to tap/scan NFC tags with their smartphones to read what information is on the tag. 


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