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Pets get lost. They just do, no matter how much we try to protect them. For too long, our best hopes of finding our furry family members were expensive chipping, putting up signs, posting desperate pleas on Facebook, or driving through the night repeatedly shouting their names out from behind the wheel.

Well, folks – we reinvented the wheel.

Lost Paw pet tags can be attached to any collar, and they hold all of the information needed to get your pet home to you. How? When anyone with a smartphone spies your pet’s Lost Paw tag and simply taps it (just a tap, not an app!), the tag transmits your pet’s location to you.

No, seriously. It’s really that simple.

We told you we reinvented the wheel.

You can also be reunited with your pet by call or text, as each tag contains an NFC enabled microchip which gives important details about your pet (photos, vaccination records, allergies, and more) and your contact information to anyone who scans the tag. In addition, our vast network allows you to send out notifications to friends, vets, rescues, and neighbors in the Lost Paw network to be on the lookout for your pet.

We love our pets too, and that’s why we made Lost Paw. No more panicked, bleary, 3am searches behind the wheel of your car, pet lovers. Enjoy your new wheel.


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Never Lose Your Pet

Lost Paw USA is an NFC technology company that focuses on utilizing NFC abilities with pet products. We want to help pet owners find their lost furbabies, quickly and safely. With a team comprised of the most avid pet lovers, tech gurus, and pet product designers, we are dedicated to connecting more owners with their pets.

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